Child Support Social Security Information

If you are wondering how social security can affect your child this article will help you. There are a two ways that these benefits can impact your kid. The parent who receives the child support payment receives the social security benefits in Arizona. This law was put in place to help determine the child support obligation. If you are trying to research these benefits, it’s best to have a child support attorney who knows the laws in your state.

Social Security Benefit #2

Did you know that the social security benefits can have an impact on the amount of child support that needs to be paid out of pocket?  The state of Arizona actually addresses this with the information below:

Income that is earned or money that is received by a child by any sources outside of the court ordered child support can’t be counted towards any parents obligation.

If the child support paid is less than what was court ordered, the parent shall pay the difference unless the payment is modified in court. If a child receives benefits like social security or health insurance, these amounts will be credited towards the agreed upon payment.

Some of these cases can become confusing and take a long time to go through the legal system. Having an experienced Child Support Attorney who is familiar with the laws in your state is critical. Laws are always changing, so having a legal professional can help you make the process easier.

If you are going through a divorce this is just one of many legal battles you will face. In cases of child abuse you will need to go though a child custody case which is must different than these type of cases. Either way it’s important to always keep your child’s best interests at heart and do what’s right by them.

How Much Will The Payment Be?

While states are changing these laws all the time they base it off of a few different things. The main one is the income of both parents & the expenses of each child. In order for courts to make the payment fair on both parents, making sure you know these details can help you with your case. Child Support Attorney’s work these type of cases all the time, it’s important you work with an experienced one on your case.

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The Benefits Of Solar Attic Fans

Over the last few years the green energy movement has been growing tendentiously. Every year it seems like there is a new invention that could potentially change the world for the better. Today we are going to talk about Solar Attic Fans and what they can do for your home. One of the top reasons for having a solar attic fan installed in your home is the countless benefits on the environment.  It’s a compounding effort, if every person installed these fans the reduction in the carbon footprint would change for the better.

Image Of Solar Attic Fan


The second reason why you would want to install a Solar Attic Fan is because of the health benefits. I said that right these things actually promote better health! Did you know that mold and mildew are one of the leading causes for health and other allergy related issues in America? This is because attics no matter what location are dark, humid, and the end result is damn wood. Especially during the winter months when snow and water melt on the roof, that all effects the frame of your house. Solar Attic fans remove 2 of the 3 culprits when it comes to mold growth.

Now let’s take health out of the situation. If you allowed mold and mildew to grow not only would it be costly to repair, it would also damage the frame of your house which would cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Now since we are on the topic of money, it’s also important to note that a Solar Attic Fan can typically pay for itself in as little as two months. With the benefits mentioned above and that neat little statistic makes these a perfect investment for every home owner.

As mentioned earlier in the article the government is really pushing the solar/green energy movement as well. Solar Attic Fans and similar products that use a solar panel typically come with federal rebates and other nice perks. When looking for the right attic fan for your needs you will want to take your location into consideration. Do you live in an area with a lot of trees? Do you have a pitched or flat roof? The reason being is because you want to make sure you install it at the optimal angle where sun will actually hit the solar panel. That’s where all your power lies. Many models come with adjustable & flat panels. We suggest you do a little research before just buying one. Quality is also different, so make sure the model you purchase comes with warranties & money back guarantees!

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Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

The family law is a branch of private laws, which include all the rules of law governing all forms of union or disunion of individuals.

The lawyer in family law notably intervenes to resolve all disputes which may arise in marriage, PACS, cohabitation, filiations & divorce. For example, there are four forms of divorce: fault, by mutual consent: to accept the principle of rupture or permanent breakdown of marriage. As such, the lawyer is there to defend your interests and allow you to make the right choices and the right moves.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce?

Divorce by mutual consent is the cheapest and quickest way to get a divorce. These typically take about two months if both spouses agree on a resolution. Since Divorce Lawyers typically charge per hour, it won’t cost you much at all.

Amicable divorce cannot be done without a lawyer. Each spouse needs their own lawyer in these type of cases. Amiable divorce can take several months to resolve & could be quiet expensive. Conflict divorces however are way worse. These typically can last several years with countless hearings and appointments. The legal feeds add up real quick, and when you are talking years, well you do the math.


How much does an amicable divorce cost?

There is no set costs for a divorce. It’s all based on the hourly rate of your lawyer. You can sometimes go through these type of divorces for around a $1,000 when it’s all said and done. Conflict divorce on the other hand could add up to 10 to 20 thousand dollars.

Amicable Divorce & Alimony:

The couple must agree on the principle of divorce and on all the financial consequences like child support, retirement ect.. The Family Divorce Lawyer will need to play the role of mediator between the two spouses.

Divorce Agreements:

When you finalize your divorce you have to make sure to agree on everything. This includes liquidating assets like property, debts, retirement, cars & more. Once the spouses agree the lawyer will submit the documents for approval by the family court. Either way you look at it, divorce will cost you money. The longer it takes, the more expensive it gets. The most important thing is protecting yourself as much as you can and move on with your life.

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Home Investing 101

Real estate investing is where a person invests in property and flips it for more than they purchased it for. One of the hottest markets to invest right now is Atlanta Georgia. If you have capital there is no better way to make money these days. There are numerous approaches when it comes to finding the most profitable deal. There is fix and flip, buy and hold, find a deal and sell it to a cash buyer and more. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative. To learn more about finding the right investment deal check out Robert’s SlideShare. He is a real estate investing expert!

Next thing you need to figure out is how to find the right sellers. Let’s face it most people are going to try to get top dollar for their house, these type of deals you will want to turn away from right away. There are millions of homes out there, don’t me stuck on one deal that won’t make you any money! The best people to find are people facing divorce, relocation, inheritance, paying off debts, or just need to move right away. When you find someone who is desperate to make the deal is when you can make tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. RJ Palano talks deeper about this on His Twitter Page.

Another way you can find houses in Atlanta Georgia & get your phone ringing is with bandit signs. You may have seen them before. They typically say “Cash investor looking to buy houses” then they typically put their number on the bottom of the sign. If you decide to use this strategy you will want to make sure to post these signs near crowded traffic areas. This could be anywhere you have a Walmart in your town, maybe even a shopping mall. Something to make your sign stand out from everyone else is by making sure to grab a yellow colored one!

Let’s say you are short on capital, did you know it’s still possible to invest in houses with no money down?! This is called wholesaling. What you can do is use the same marketing methods as mentioned above and lock the house under contract. Typically they do require a deposit so you can make this in the $100-$500 range if you get a solid deal. Then what you do is find real estate investors who have the capital and sell the contract to them for $2,000 and up!  Finding cash buyers isn’t that hard. You can go to real estate investing meetups, contact them on their website & network with people you may know. There are no excuses, if you really want to Buy Atlanta Houses visit and see how the process works first hand! I hope you found this article helpful.

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Strategic Moves for Competitive Phoenix Home Buyers


Are you a potential home buyer, who has been presenting offers with various Phoenix Real Estate Agents for months on end without any acceptance? Now is the time to up your game! While you are making various offers, it helps to educate yourself about the market. Once you have found your dream home it’s time to take action and make an offer the buyer can’t refuse. Chances are you may get in a bidding war if that price is right, so come off serious from the start. The market is really hot in Phoenix right now. A local company that purchases properties has this to say “We Buy Houses in Phoenix because the market is booming!” In a booming market you aren’t going to get a steal of a deal, a few years ago you could have but that isn’t the case in today’s world.

Do Some Strategic Planning

The best way to get your dream house in your budget range is to do some strategic planning and find out what is important to the seller and present it to them. You know what you want and that is the sellers’ home, so you need to figure out exactly what they want and pounce in for the delivery. You will want to look for signs of desperation and needing to sell right away. If they are in no and the house just hit the market good luck haggling down the price. Another way to make your offer more appealing is to have all your required assessments and inspections done within a week. You want to remove all unforeseen events quickly, which is another sign to show the seller that you are a legit buyer.

Make your loan stress free

Your Phoenix Real Estate Agent will typically have a mortgage expert that they know and trust. Make sure to do your research yourself though. Depending on your relationship with your agent, most of the time you can trust them, they want to make sure you have a great buying experience as well so that you refer them extra business.

With the help of your real estate agent and mortgage professional, make your offer is based on non-contingent financing. By doing this you know that your offer is as good as cash. Make sure to organize and complete the evaluation early. Sell House Fast Phoenix is a company that invests in real estate all over the country. If you don’t want to go through an agent and need cash fast, using those type of companies is the way to go.

Pay Top Dollar for the home

This may sound like the worst advice, however, the majority of buyers in bloodthirsty markets end up paying top dollar once they get into bidding wars or just get too excited about a certain property. These buyers are repeatedly, beaten out making the market stronger. However, it is never excellent advice to overpay; it is easier to be aware of the mindset of the buyer in this circumstance.

Work closely with your Phoenix Real Estate Agent, establish what price would take you over the edge, and know whether you could have an appraisal problem or not. Many buyers find themselves in the hot market and in viable positions since they not only desire what everybody else needs, however what is in limited supply. While no one can ever predict what is going to happen, if you are in the competition for the long run and planning for a 30-year fixed loan, the possibility is that you will be thankful you made the effort. I wish you the best on your house hunting adventure!


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Home Renovations Loans In Georgia

A Great Home Buying Tool – Home Renovations Loans

Let face facts shall we? Most of the general public can’t afford to pay cash for a new home. With the market being flooded with cash buyers in almost every state, people are in need of creative financing options. The traditional financing is typically VA, FHA and conventional loans with down payments that range from 0% to 20%.

Most home buyers have their down payment money, but need assistance with the closing costs that include things like pre-paid taxes, insurance, title fees, mortgage fees to just name a few! After these kinds of fees who has money for renovations and improvements to their new home? Not to mention new furniture & appliances that may be needed. This specific article is geared towards people purchasing properties in Georgia. The guys over at Fast Home Solutions said the following: “We Buy Houses in Georgia with these conventional loans currently offered due to the amazing rates that are currently available.

The true cost of being a homeowner

When you are trying to find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood it can be challenging. Many of the homes built in Georgia have limited a limited of supply of properties with great features like modern kitchens, double garages, large back yards & more. It’s more common for people to purchase homes that don’t need too many restorations. Now if you do have cash flow sometimes buying a house that needs rehab could be your best option.

Home Renovation Loans Available In Different Shapes and Sizes

The most popular types of home loans are renovation home loans. These loans are used when buying a house that requires repairs. You receive one loan founded on the value of the property and the restoration costs. In this manner, upgrades are placed into the financing of the loan with the purchase price. Watch The Video below to learn more:


What is the Purpose of these Loans?

With a Section 204 (k) loan it helps buyers to borrow money insuring a single long term, adjustable or fixed rate covering both the rehabilitation and acquisition of the property. This type of insured loan saves borrowers money and time.

It is a great conventional option that provides different guidelines offering you higher loan amounts and more luxury items for landscaping, built-in BBQ, pools and more. The current loan limit is $417,000 with a 5% down payment on the principal residence. You can do the following with the loan that includes:

  • Structural modifications and renovation
  • Upgrading and enhancements to the home’s role
  • Eradication of safety and health risks
  • Changes improving facade and abolishing obsolescence
  • Recondition or changing plumbing
  • Installing a septic system
  • Replace or add gutters, downspouts, and roofing
  • Replacing of floor or treating of floors
  • Landscaping work or site enhancement
  • Making your home accessible for disabled people
  • Producing energy management enhancement

If you are deciding on buying a new home, you can talk to your Georgia Mortgage Professional and see what the available options are best suited for you and your financial situation. If you would like to Sell Your House Fast in Marietta contact Fast Home Solutions. They have done thousands of deals over the years and I know they can help you out!

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Real estate investing Arizona

Real estate means those properties which are the land and the buildings as well as its natural resources as for example, crops, minerals, or water and permanent elements of nature. Moreover it consists of an interest vested as an item of real property, especially the construction of housing. It is called a system where an individual or a group of people amass together for construction a building and gain profit by this activities. As properties of real estate the business, the profession of trade, leasing property, or constructions also can be included. It is a term that is legally cast off in jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand and especially the United States. You can learn more about this at the We Buy Houses Phoenix Yelp Page, they are a well established real estate business in Phoenix Arizona.

Residential real estate is a kind of rented property including either a single family or multi-family structure that can be available for occupation for the non-business purposes. Houses can be classified by, how they are related to adjoining homes and land. Housing tenure may be used for the same physical type such as joined occupants could be possessed by a solitary substance and rented out or claimed independently with an assertion covering the relationship in the middle of units and normal zones and concerns. Major types of Residential real estate in North America and Europe Apartment means an individual unit into a multi-unit house. The loft is really commented by an edge of bolted or lockable entryways and frequently seen in multi-story condo structures.

Multi-family houses are often seen in multi-story separate buildings where each floor keeps a separate apartment or unit. Terraced house is known as a town or row house which refers to various single or multi-unit structures in a persistent line with imparting dividers and no interceding space. Condominium is Building or complex that is similar to apartments which owned through individuals. Common grounds areas are inside in the complex are owned and shared. There is town house or row house style somewhat is like condominiums as well.

Semi-detached dwellings mean a semi situated in the UK is by definition two units with a party wall. Actually duplex is two units of shared wall. Houseboats refers to a floating home. Tents are generally very temporary along with roof and walls consisting only of fabric like material. Real Estate in Arizona is familiar and respected for its professionalism, experience, and demonstrated knowledge, during providing a caring and personal atmosphere for our clients. The real estate in Arizona is always able to offer the clients with the best service available and the marketing plan of real estate in Arizona is results oriented. Specially, real estate the all properties from small condominiums or town houses up to the luxury home estate market in excess of $5,000,000.

If you want to look more into Arizona Real Estate, be sure to visit We Buy houses Phoenix AZ: That’s their official Facebook Page where you can find great information on the housing market in Arizona. They are a well known company so hopefully you found this information useful. Also if you are looking to sell your home or need real estate investing advice, make sure to contact RJ Palano. He is one of the top real estate experts on the planet and would love to help you out.

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RJ Palano Art Of The Deal #2

RJ Palano is a professional real estate investor who has been helping people sell their homes for cash in the State of Florida And Georgia. Below are some videos he has released in the past year. In his art of the deal series he talks about how in 1992 he went to his first Anthony Robbin’s event. Like all of Anthony’s events he motivated the crowd yet said it’s useless unless you take action. From that point on RJ decided to take massive action in his own life and had massive success in Real Estate. To learn more outside of this website visit RJ Palano’s Twitter Page.

Below are just some of the many videos RJ Released over the years:

Video #1

Video #2

Like any business, if you are jumping into real estate you need to have a plan in place. Most people fail only because they don’t map out their exact plan for success. This RJ Palano Video teaches this in his speaking engagements that he has a couple times a year.  Like most business owners he has personally experiences the thrill of success and has also had his world fall apart over night! The trials and tribulations are what make entrepreneurs like him so special. That never give up fighting attitude to rise from the ashes and get back on top. Real Estate Investing can be very lucrative right now. There are deals all over the country just waiting to happen! You have to take action on everything you learn though, there is no easy way. If you are interested in becoming a real estate investor you can visit his blog anytime and contact him. To learn more about real estate investing be sure to subscribe to the RJ Palano Real Estate Channel!

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