Tips for Selling a House that Won’t Sell

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If you have been on the market for so long and have not managed to sell your house in Chandler Arizona, you need to get back to the start and trace the things that you did wrong. First you should recall all the pictures that you have posted on the internet and check for any mistakes to make corrections. Though the selling market has slowed down, you should not have a “For Sale” in your compound for longer periods than normal. You should first talk to your agent to find out what things you did wrong. Here are other options that you should consider in getting your house to sell fast.

Lower the price

You need to check the market price that you have put into your house. You can review it to see if it complements the condition of your house and the prevailing market prices. In case you find that you have put your price tag very high, you should review it downwards. Underpricing your house is a selling strategy. Many sellers are afraid that this may get them to sell at a very low price but the fact is that this does not happen in most of the cases. Buyers will get to bid for the house depending on the market price. Under pricing will get multiple buyers in your way but all with a price that is in line with the market price. However, you should not under price the house with more than a two percent of the current price. The market within Phoenix is full of cash buyers which drives the prices. We buy houses Chandler & all over the country for wholesale deals. Low prices are critical when it comes to selling fast. Below is a video going over some of the worst mistakes when buying and selling real estate.


Consider Cleaning your House

This is an important step that you should take before placing your house on the market. If you did this, then you could have forgotten to clean some of sections of the house. You should consider cleaning both the interior and the exterior. During the cleaning process, do not leave out home entrances. In addition to cleaning, you could also repaint the house as well as replacing the carpet. If you still have some of your luggage in the house, consider moving it. This will create ample space and make the house look neat. When you move your luggage out, do not leave a pet behind. A potential buyer might dislike the house on seeing your pet around.

Consider a new Selling Agent

You could have a good house that is likeable but have an agent that cannot make a deal. Lack of fundamental qualities like good communication and persuasiveness could be your downfall. Get an agent that has the right attributes of a sales person. If you need to Sell House Fast Phoenix is one of the most competitive markets you will come across. There are real estate investing companies all over the Phoenix area. It’s important to note going through those types of companies will pay you below market value. The benefit is they make 100% cash offers though. To learn more please visit one of the links on this page.

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Child Support Social Security Information

If you are wondering how social security can affect your child this article will help you. There are a two ways that these benefits can impact your kid. The parent who receives the child support payment receives the social security benefits in Arizona. This law was put in place to help determine the child support obligation. If you are trying to research these benefits, it’s best to have a child support attorney who knows the laws in your state.

Social Security Benefit #2

Did you know that the social security benefits can have an impact on the amount of child support that needs to be paid out of pocket?  The state of Arizona actually addresses this with the information below:

Income that is earned or money that is received by a child by any sources outside of the court ordered child support can’t be counted towards any parents obligation.

If the child support paid is less than what was court ordered, the parent shall pay the difference unless the payment is modified in court. If a child receives benefits like social security or health insurance, these amounts will be credited towards the agreed upon payment.

Some of these cases can become confusing and take a long time to go through the legal system. Having an experienced Child Support Attorney who is familiar with the laws in your state is critical. Laws are always changing, so having a legal professional can help you make the process easier.

If you are going through a divorce this is just one of many legal battles you will face. In cases of child abuse you will need to go though a child custody case which is must different than these type of cases. Either way it’s important to always keep your child’s best interests at heart and do what’s right by them.

How Much Will The Payment Be?

While states are changing these laws all the time they base it off of a few different things. The main one is the income of both parents & the expenses of each child. In order for courts to make the payment fair on both parents, making sure you know these details can help you with your case. Child Support Attorney’s work these type of cases all the time, it’s important you work with an experienced one on your case.

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The Benefits Of Solar Attic Fans

Over the last few years the green energy movement has been growing tendentiously. Every year it seems like there is a new invention that could potentially change the world for the better. Today we are going to talk about Solar Attic Fans and what they can do for your home. One of the top reasons for having a solar attic fan installed in your home is the countless benefits on the environment.  It’s a compounding effort, if every person installed these fans the reduction in the carbon footprint would change for the better.

Image Of Solar Attic Fan


The second reason why you would want to install a Solar Attic Fan is because of the health benefits. I said that right these things actually promote better health! Did you know that mold and mildew are one of the leading causes for health and other allergy related issues in America? This is because attics no matter what location are dark, humid, and the end result is damn wood. Especially during the winter months when snow and water melt on the roof, that all effects the frame of your house. Solar Attic fans remove 2 of the 3 culprits when it comes to mold growth.

Now let’s take health out of the situation. If you allowed mold and mildew to grow not only would it be costly to repair, it would also damage the frame of your house which would cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Now since we are on the topic of money, it’s also important to note that a Solar Attic Fan can typically pay for itself in as little as two months. With the benefits mentioned above and that neat little statistic makes these a perfect investment for every home owner.

As mentioned earlier in the article the government is really pushing the solar/green energy movement as well. Solar Attic Fans and similar products that use a solar panel typically come with federal rebates and other nice perks. When looking for the right attic fan for your needs you will want to take your location into consideration. Do you live in an area with a lot of trees? Do you have a pitched or flat roof? The reason being is because you want to make sure you install it at the optimal angle where sun will actually hit the solar panel. That’s where all your power lies. Many models come with adjustable & flat panels. We suggest you do a little research before just buying one. Quality is also different, so make sure the model you purchase comes with warranties & money back guarantees!

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Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

The family law is a branch of private laws, which include all the rules of law governing all forms of union or disunion of individuals.

The lawyer in family law notably intervenes to resolve all disputes which may arise in marriage, PACS, cohabitation, affiliations & divorce. For example, there are four forms of divorce: fault, by mutual consent: to accept the principle of rupture or permanent breakdown of marriage. As such, the lawyer is there to defend your interests and allow you to make the right choices and the right moves. Every state has different laws when it comes to this subject, the information in this article is based on an experienced Chandler Divorce Attorney. It’s important to also note that since this attorney is located in Arizona, your State’s laws may be slightly different.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce?

Divorce by mutual consent is the cheapest and quickest way to get a divorce. These typically take about two months if both spouses agree on a resolution. Since Divorce Lawyers typically charge per hour, it won’t cost you much at all.

Amicable divorce cannot be done without a lawyer. Each spouse needs their own lawyer in these type of cases. Amiable divorce can take several months to resolve & could be quiet expensive. Conflict divorces however are way worse. These typically can last several years with countless hearings and appointments. The legal feeds add up real quick, and when you are talking years, well you do the math.


How much does an amicable divorce cost?

There is no set costs for a divorce. It’s all based on the hourly rate of your lawyer. You can sometimes go through these type of divorces for around a $1,000 when it’s all said and done. Conflict divorce on the other hand could add up to 10 to 20 thousand dollars.

Divorce Agreements:

When you finalize your divorce you have to make sure to agree on everything. This includes liquidating assets like property, debts, retirement, cars & more. Once the spouses agree the lawyer will submit the documents for approval by the family court. Either way you look at it, divorce will cost you money. The longer it takes, the more expensive it gets. The most important thing is protecting yourself as much as you can and move on with your life.

If you are going through a divorce I highly suggest consulting with an experienced attorney familiar with your State’s laws. Whiling hiring an experience lawyer does cost money, a nasty divorce could cost you more money in the long run.

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