More Harm Than Good in Toothpaste?

Every day, we see these wonderful ads on the best toothpaste available. When you visit your dentist next I suggest you ask the following question: β€œWhat toothpaste is best to use?” For a dental professional this is one of the most common questions that they receive everyday. Every dentist will have a different answer on this subject, it’s not a one size fits all.

Cosmetic Produced Toothpaste

When waking up first thing in the morning we brush our teeth and rinse our mouths, well hopefully that’s the case πŸ˜‰

the reason is an obvious one. If you don’t brush your teeth in the morning not only will you have a horrible taste in your mouth all day, but you will have bad breathe & dirty teeth filled with harmful bacteria. Toothpaste helps your mouth feel refreshed and clean. I typically try to avoid any type of paste with fluoride in it for various reasons which I will get into soon. Some of the Best Dentists in the world will never suggest a specific toothpaste.

Additives in Your Toothpaste

The first additive I would like to talk about is Fluoride. Health professionals claim that it strengthens your teeth, but doesn’t help clean them. There have been studies that Fluoride dumbs people down, preventing them to reach their full potential. Back in the early 1900’s this was used on concentration camps, so why in the world would we be using it in our mouths everyday! Another common additive is called sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a soap that provides a creamy texture. The added substances in toothpaste isn’t something that you want to put in your body, which is why they say don’t swallow.

Other additives are desensitizes for sensitive teeth, tartar control and provides a burning sensation when used as it contains Tetrasodium pyrophosphate supposed to keep calcium phosphate salts from fossilizing your lower front teeth, and last the antimicrobial triclosan reducing infections in your tooth and gum. However, when keeping the germs of your teeth this additive is a waste?


Video From one of the best dentists in the country:

Why Can Toothpaste Be Bad For You

First, it is not the toothpaste that is bad it is your own fault as toothpaste is only a co-dependent enabler and you are the one with the problem. As toothpaste is a cosmetic, it does not clean your teeth by itself resulting in the following:

β€’ You may be using too much – only use β…“ as the size of a pea and it still tasted good as too much foam prevents you from keeping track of how you are cleaning your teeth
β€’ You do not spend enough time brushing your teeth – brush your teeth at least two minutes
β€’ Pay attention how you brush and how you long you brush one side of your mouth as the toothbrush need to touch every tooth and crevice. Remember, plaque is growing and you need to rub it off to get it off. Toothpaste, cleaning liquid, paste, gel, or powder does not make a difference it is the attention to detail that does.

The Solution to Your Oral Healthcare

No matter what you use, use what you like from the taste and feeling clean – use it as often as liked, brush longer, be healthy and feel better. You can even use coconut oil or baking soda as toothpaste or even your tap water. The main thing is that you have to brush often with a good technique. Furthermore, remember do not put all your faith in your toothpaste as it will only mask your brushing technique issues.

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